MG Design Project

MG wins gold at London Design Awards 2014

MG Design ProjectMG has won gold in the London Design Awards 2014’s concept product design category – and it was its 24 year old designer Louise Thorburn who scooped the top prize.

A special MG3 called the MG Design Project took the honours for the Birmingham-based designer; described as a concept in personalisation, it showcased Thorburn’s take on creating a bespoke MG3.

The inspiration was the MG colour and materials designer’s degree dissertation in textile design, based around “a future in which we would develop second skins as body adornment.

“People are increasingly looking to personalise small cars like the MG3 to match their personality, in the same way as they do with their home or fashion style,” she said.

“Having looked at how jewellery and fashion is used as a means of self expression, I wanted translate this theme in an automotive context.”

It was clearly impressive enough to wow the judges, earning MG a winners spot alongside more than 280 companies from 28 countries at the Superbrand exhibition within the London Design Festival.

“I am delighted to have had the opportunity with MG to develop from my graduate collection in such a unique way, exploring my vision of the future of automotive personalisation,” said Thorburn.

Ever enterprising, MG also took the golden opportunity to launch three new MG3 personalisation packs at the London event. Called Boutique, Candy and Waves, they’re now on sale, prices start from £39.

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