MG gets it: targets fleet so cuts CO2

MG6 diesel

MG wants to sell more MG6 to fleets. To help it do so, the firm has introduced a revised diesel that emits less CO2.

Yes, MG knows what it takes to win over fleets.

The enhanced 1.9-litre DTi-TECH engine now emits 129g/km CO2, down from the 139g/km CO2 figure of before.

Which means that instead of qualifying for an 8 per cent Writing Down Allowance, it now falls into the 130g/km CO2 and below banding of 18 per cent WDA. Cutting 10g/km CO2 means MG is helping companies that buy fleet cars recoup more than double the amount of before.

Benefit In Kind is reduced too, from 22 per cent to 20 per cent, ensuring fleet drivers save on their personal tax bills as well.

The claimed economy improvement from 53.5mpg to 57.6mpg also means reduced running costs and pence per mile figures, too.

To further enhance things, MG has also introduced a specification upgrade on all diesel models, valid until December 31 2014. This saves up to £3000 on the list price.

Oh, private buyers, don’t think you’re left out, either. Lower CO2 means the VED falls from Band E to Band D: saving you an annual £20. Every little helps.

MR says: The diesel MG6 is the best one on sale. MR’s driven it and quite likes it. Now in greener and more tax-friendly guise, it’s an average car offering above average value. Will this, and British-built patriotism, swing it for some?

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