Mercedes-Benz USA launches Collection rental scheme

Mercedes-Benz USA launches luxury vehicle subscription service

Mercedes-Benz USA launches Collection rental scheme
Want to drive a Mercedes-Benz, but worry you might get bored of the same one? Fear not, because if you live in one of the American two cities piloting the new Mercedes-Benz Collection scheme, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

With the ideas of car ownership becoming ever looser, drivers in Nashville, Tennessee and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania will be the first to experience the monthly rental service.

The idea is simple. Download the app, provide your details, pay a sign-up fee of $495 (£365), and then pick the subscription tier you desire. Users will then be billed an amount each month dependent on the tier chosen.

Each city will have a choice of Signature, Reserve, and Premier tiers. The fancier the tier, the more luxurious the car on offer. Naturally, the price also increase with each level of the programme.

For instance, Nashville residents subscribing to the entry-level Signature tier will pay $1,095 (£815) per month. Users will have the choice of eight Mercedes-Benz models, including the four-door C-Class, GLC SUV, and SLC roadster.

Those in Pennsylvania opting for the top-level Premier tier will find themselves paying $2,095 (£1,560). However, this will give them the option to drive performance cars like the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Coupe, and even the luxurious S-Class.

The entire service is managed solely through the bespoke Mercedes-Benz Collection app. Once the first car has been delivered, users will be able to arrange collection and delivery of subsequent cars via their smartphone.

Cars can be booked for the next day, and will be supplied valeted and fully fueled by a concierge. Mercedes-Benz will even let pets be transported in Collection cars, providing they are kept in a crate.

The monthly payment covers comprehensive insurance, all maintenance, and 24/7 roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown. Mercedes-Benz places no limits on mileage, and you can keep using the same vehicle for as long as you want. Although if you keep it too long without ‘flipping’ it for a new car, Mercedes will eventually take it back for maintenance.

Although a trial at present, the Collection is an experiment about the attitudes of drivers. How willing are they to abandon traditional ideas of car ownership, but take the benefits of the flexibility from a range of different vehicles at their disposal.

Success should undoubtedly see the scheme be rolled out more widely – and, in time, to more markets outside the United States. 

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