The Mercedes smart watch will give you a massage

Mercedes Vivoactive 3 smart watch

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled a smart watch. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised, given that Mercedes is a pioneer of tech that monitors the driver. The smart watch is the latest development in that capability.

Called the Vivoactive 3, it’s a collaboration between Mercedes and Garmin. Connecting to the Mercedes Me app in your car, it allows the car to display information such as your pulse rate and can monitor your stress levels and tiredness.

The car can then suggest breaks, and even fire up the massage seats to calm you down.

Mercedes Vivoactive 3 smart watch

The smart watch also functions when you leave the car. Assuming it’s close by while you sleep, it can monitor your sleep quality, further supplementing information the car has on you.

Aside from watching you while you sleep and keeping an eye on your pulse, it’s also a watch. So yes, it tells the time, but it can also serve as a contactless payment device. Like other smart watches, it’s as much a companion to your phone as it is a companion to your car.

Mercedes Vivoactive 3 smart watch

It wouldn’t be a Mercedes project if there wasn’t an element of style. Mercedes calls the Vivoactive 3 ”stylish yet minimalistic and dynamic”. No arguments here. Its construction is a combination of black or white plastic, stainless steel, a gorilla glass display and a silicon strap. The user interface is very Mercedes but can be “set to reflect the wearer’s personal style”.

The practical stuff? The battery will last seven days with ordinary to minimal use, though if you have the GPS on, that lowers to 13 hours.