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Baby Benz: Mercedes will now sell you a pram

Introducing the Mercedes-Benz baby carriage Avantgarde. That’s right, Mercedes will now sell you a pram.

The company is teaming up with veteran German pram manufacturer Hartan, which has been building baby buggies since the 1950s. 

So, what distinguishes it as a Merc? Well, you’ll be hard-pressed to mistake it for anything else, thanks to the AMG-style five-spoke wheels. They are much smaller than the 18-inch fare on many Mercedes cars, but the style is a dead ringer for those available on certain specifications of C-Class.

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With an aluminium frame and seat unit, the baby carriage Avantgarde is ‘characterised by a very low weight’ (13kg all-in). The ‘handling dynamics’ should be notable, too, given it comes with adjustable suspension and air-chamber tyres. It moves ‘effortlessly on any surface’, says Mercedes.

There are three colour specifications available. Dessin Sport combines black, anthracite, grey and silver with red seams and red piping on the hood. The Dolce Vita is beige, sand and brown with an ‘Arenisca’ carrier. Dessin Deep Sea blends anthracite and blue with a ‘Seaskin’ carrier. 

The Mercedes pram will be available from certain baby outlets from this month. Will you be buying the ‘Mercedes of baby carriages’ for your little one?

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