Mercedes-Benz smartwatch

Mercedes-Benz previews car smartwatch

Mercedes-Benz smartwatchMercedes-Benz will reveal a new smartwatch developed with tech firm Pebble Technology at the 2014 International CES event.

The new smartwatch is part of a new strategic partnership with the Californian firm targeted with developing innovative integrated applications.

How integrated into a car can a smartwatch be? Try this:

  • Check fuel level, vehicle location, doorlock status on the watch
  • Vibrating alert to warn driver of accidents, roadworks, blocked roads
  • Sync with vehicle-to-vehicle communications for real time alerts
  • Operate Siri
  • Act as a ‘second screen’ to a paired smartphone

The idea is to integrate with both car and smartphone to offer ‘multisensory’ notifications. The wearable technology concept is part of Mercedes’ plans to network its cars to the Internet of Things.

The collaboration “gives Mercedes-Benz early access to some of the newest hardware and early releases of application programming interfaces (APIs) offered by the Silicon Valley-based company, allowing it to develop innovative integrated applications that pave the way for the future of in-vehicle use cases,” said the firm.

Proudly, Mercedes also adds its just the latest link-up in its 20 years of working in Silicon Valley: the firm was actually the first carmaker to open an R&D centre there.

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