Mercedes-Benz Pop-Up Shop

A million Brits have visited a Mercedes-Benz pop-up shop

Mercedes-Benz Pop-Up ShopMercedes-Benz is among the growing number of brands expanding beyond its traditional car dealer network to reach new types of car buyer – with some success: the Mercedes-Benz Pop-Up Shop concept has recently welcomed its millionth visitor.

The premium German firm’s pop-up concept sees it set up shop in major shopping centres across the UK. It was during the Liverpool ONE leg of its 2017 tour that the millionth visit was made – and they got a £250 shopping voucher as a reward.

The pop-up store has now moved to Manchester’s Trafford Centre, where it will remain until January 2017. The theme for each store is ever-evolving: currently, it’s 4MATIC, the firm’s name for its all-wheel-drive tech, and thus has a duly-equipped C-Class Estate within its pop-up walls.

Mercedes-Benz Pop-Up Shop

Clashing with the theme is an Approved Used A-Class and a special edition Smart Disturbing London, and as F1 banned all-wheel drive decades ago, the Mercedes-AMG Formula One simulator isn’t quite on theme either. Perhaps we’ll get some surprise winter snowfall and they’ll quickly drop in a G-Wagen instead.

The store, which is run by both Mercedes-Benz Cars UK and the local Mercedes dealer, is open weekly from 10am to 10pm, on Saturdays from 10am to 9pm, and on Sundays from 12pm to 6pm – hours beyond those of most dealers. 

The idea is to draw in shoppers who might casually browse cars in the same way they look at clothes (it’s next door to Zara), duly broadening the firm’s reach significantly.

You can even buy Mercedes-Benz branded clothes and other gear in it, should the allure of the three-pointed star be sufficiently strong.

Mercedes-Benz Pop-Up Shop

It’s clearly a concept that works: other brands are also running pop-up shops, such as Volkswagen’s Bullring outlet, and firms such as Hyundai and Jaguar Land Rover have also teamed up with the Rockar ‘retail store’ concept to open outlets in destinations such as London’s Westfield.  

Car dealers: coming to a shopping centre near you soon?

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