Mercedes-AMG GT four-door

Hot wheels: Mercedes-AMG teases its four-door GT

Mercedes-AMG GT four-doorThe teasing continues – but Mercedes-AMG is slowly revealing more and more of its new AMG GT four-door. Ahead of its reveal at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, the firm has pulled away the cloak and let us see the basic form of its four-person supercar.

Indeed, it’s hard not to see it: the wrap may be matt black, but it’s been make unmissable by a liberal application of fluorescent green flames. Subtle? Err… no.

What do the shots confirm? That it’s likely the AMG GT Concept is set to be a pretty good guide as to what the final production car will look like after all. Bulging, contoured sides, massively deep rear wheelarches, sweeping coupe roofline – all present and correct.

They’ve been toned down for production of course, but potentially by not that much – even the kick in the windowline at the rear seems likely to make it across (why else would they cover it up on the teaser car?).

There’s a deployable rear spoiler and quad exhaust as the rear, a pretty substantial diffuser and a healthy set of alloys. Also note the monster Panamerica-style grille and massive front air intakes, providing fresh air and cooling for the 4.0-litre AMG V8 sitting under the bonnet.

Mercedes-AMG GT four-door

We don’t yet know exactly how much power it’s going to have, but we can have a good guess: more than 600hp. And the EQ Power+ petrol-electric hybrid that’s coming later will have over 800hp. It’s going to move four people very, very quickly indeed. How are you going to match that, Porsche Panamera?

Mercedes-AMG’s third entirely in-house development, this is the most ambitious model yet from the hot Merc division, and certainly one that’s set to be the best-selling. Geneva 2018 is lining up to be a busy show, but this is bound to be one of the biggest draws.

Join us on March 6th to hear all about the new Mercedes-AMG GT four-door. Unless, that is, Mercedes-Benz decides to let it shed even more of its disguise in the build-up…

Mercedes-AMG GT four-door

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