Distracted man driving

Male drivers four times more likely to be distracted by attractive pedestrians

Distracted man driving

A survey conducted by The Car People has revealed what millennial drivers get most distracted by – and the disparities between genders. The findings are telling; boys, the jig is up! One in five men admitted to being distracted at the wheel by attractive pedestrians. That compares to just one in 20 women who admitted to wandering eyes when on the road.

What else distracts us when driving?

Both men and women find mobile phones and passengers the most distracting. A massive 37 percent of both men and women admitted to phone-based distractions when driving. A respective 27 and 30 percent said talking to other occupants in the car had their attention diverted.

In third place for distraction for men is adjusting the car radio (25 percent), while children fighting in the car is third for women (26 percent). Vehicle controls and attractive pedestrians come in at fourth and fifth for men. Mirror-watching and sat nav directions came fourth and fifth for women.

While it’s at least interesting – and vaguely amusing – to contemplate what distracts us when driving, it’s important to remember the dangers of not giving the act your full attention. Driving has never, and will never be, a multitasking-compatible activity.

distracted driving

“We all know mobile phones are a massive distraction for both male and female drivers behind the wheel, however, it is concerning to see how many other things distract us when we’re driving along that we can’t consciously switch off from” said Jonathan Allbones, director at The Car People.

“Hopefully our research will encourage people to think about their driving habits and ensure that more people are focussed on what is happening on the road ahead of them, instead of factors inside the car and on pavements.”

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