McLaren teases 600LT Spider ahead of January 16 reveal

McLaren 600LT Spider teased January 16

McLaren is teasing ‘another new chapter in the story of the Longtail family’, with what we expect is the 600LT Spider due to ‘open’ next Wednesday lunchtime.

We know it’s a sports series model, given the teaser images and videos which clearly depict distinctive features of the 600LT, including the upward-facing exhausts and fixed rear wing.

In the video, we clearly see what is the tail end of a 600LT, before the camera pans across showing a topless silhouette cast in shadow on the ground.

It really doesn’t take too much detective work to figure out what’s coming, then. The new Spider follows hot on the heels of the newly-revealed 720S Spider.

What can we expect? The 600LT coupe was one of 2018’s best cars, featuring in every car of the year assessment worth its salt. Our very own Tim Pitt made the very bold but by all accounts justified claim that it could be 2018’s best driver’s car.

As the top comes off the LT, we can only expect an even more visceral experience. A popped roof means drivers can get even closer to that fire-spitting 600hp twin-turbo V8. Given the carbon monocell structure that all McLarens enjoy, losing the roof shouldn’t be to the detriment of those delicious chassis dynamics.

McLaren 600LT

As far as raw numbers are concerned, the weight might go up slightly, the 0-62 might increase by a decimal of a second or two, and the top speed might be lower. Regardless, we’re in no doubt it’ll be an absolute tonic to drive. Hopefully dropping the top will result in McLaren’s tag line for the car – ‘the edge, amplified’.

While the new model isn’t expected to be limited production, it is limited on time. Before it’s even revealed, McLaren is warning that it’ll only be in production for 12 months. ‘Buyers will need to move quickly’, advises McLaren.

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