McLaren Speedtail Bespoke Design Collections

Hypercar help: McLaren creates Speedtail design collections

McLaren Speedtail Bespoke Design CollectionsSpare a thought this festive period for those who have ordered a McLaren Speedtail. If worrying about whether a 250mph top speed is fast enough, now they have to think about paint colour and interior choices.

Although in all seriousness, when the range of options is essentially limitless, finding somewhere to start can be hard.

Helpfully, McLaren’s own Colour and Material design team has undertaken a special ‘curation’ exercise to try to shepherd Speedtail buyers towards something to fit their tastes.

Urbane and refined

McLaren Speedtail Bespoke Design CollectionsThe first collection has been titled ‘Urbane’ by McLaren, and is meant to invoke a discerning and sophisticated design language. This particular car from the collection wears the name ‘Stratosphere’.

That means the Speedtail’s exterior being finished in gloss 1K carbon fibre, showing off the exquisite weave of the lightweight material.

Light blue anodised aluminium is used for other exterior elements, with the central driver’s seat is also finished in light blue. The two passenger seats wear light grey trim, whilst the light blue anodised aluminium trim continues inside.

McLaren Speedtail Bespoke Design CollectionsIt’s also worth pointing out that, compared to the previous Speedtail images we’ve seen, these have a much softer and less clinical quality. In fact, they do quite a good job of imitating an Athena supercar poster from the 1980s.

Certainly not all at sea

McLaren Speedtail Bespoke Design CollectionsDoes the UK’s rich nautical history have a place inside a £2.1million hypercar? McLaren certainly thinks so, with this ‘Astral’ car from the ‘Visionary’ design collection.

Forget nautical stripes and anchor motifs though. The naval links only extend to the use of navy blue for the driver’s seat, with further swathes of the same hue used throughout the interior.

McLaren Speedtail Bespoke Design CollectionsThe exterior features a typically McLaren orange paint scheme, although the hue used is said to be bespoke. A nod to images of an RNLI lifeboat, perhaps? Although we doubt any lifeboat has ever worn naked carbon fibre and badges made from 18 carat white gold!

Dynamic and modern

McLaren Speedtail Bespoke Design CollectionsThe final collection is titled ‘Dynamic’, with the choices here said to be modern and make bold statements. Whilst we get the point, it’s also hard to wonder how a 1,050hp hypercar can do anything but be noticeable.

A car named ‘Bloodline’ certainly stands out, with the bespoke red paintwork ensuring nobody will be able to miss this carbon fibre creation. The diamond cut wheels even feature fancy light copper edging, whilst the brake calipers are finished in silver.

Red continues inside, with the driver’s seat finished in dramatic aniline leather. It contrasts deeply with the white leather used for the passengers seats and other areas of the cabin. A passing resemblance to the famed Marlboro racing livery is probably not a coincidence.

McLaren Speedtail Bespoke Design CollectionsWhatever choices the 106 buyers of the Speedtail plump for, they cannot argue they have been short on choice. A special Bespoke Liaison Manager will be appointed to each buyer, giving them someone to help guide and shape their choices.

With the first Speedtail deliveries beginning in early 2020, we still have a full year to wait before we see what colour combinations have been selected.

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