McLaren 12C

McLaren ends production of 12C supercar

McLaren 12CMcLaren has finally confirmed it is to cease production of the 12C supercar, after weeks of insisting the car would not be canned following the reveal of the 650S.

The British brand had already halted production of the 12C back in March, but originally said this wasn’t permanent and that 12C production would restart after the temporary line-stop.

Now, it seems, the positive press reaction to the new 650S supercar has led the brand to make a decision and end 12C production for good.

Global demand, said a McLaren spokesman, is now “100% in favour of the 650S and MPC is working through a six-month order bank.

“The decision, therefore, has been taken not to recommence production of 12C.”

12C owners to receive free upgrade pack

McLaren also announced it will help soften the blow of now effectively driving a defunct car for existing 12C drivers by offering them an upgrade pack – completely free of charge.

This includes some of the features introduced for the 12C:

  • Enhanced Active Aero (the Airbrake operates more frequently at times it senses the car requires additional stability)
  • Drag Reduction System
  • Improvements to functionality and usability of the Android based IRIS system
  • 13MY and later 12Cs with door buttons will get external control for the door windows to help access in confined spaces
  • Optional availability of a rear parking camera and DAB (or SIRIUS  in the US)

The 12C ‘Technology Upgrade’ will become available from mid-June and be fitted at the car’s next service.

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