McLaren 650S

McLaren Automotive makes first-ever profit

McLaren 650SMcLaren Automotive made a £4.5 million profit in 2013 – the first time the supercar manufacturer has been in the black.

The profit was based on revenue of £285.4 million, which was up 7% year on year.

What’s more, further accelerated growth in revenue is predicted for this year and next year: McLaren expects to bring in £500 million this year and £750 million in 2015, insiders told the Financial Times.

The increase in both turnover and profit for 2014 will be “driven by sales of the McLaren P1”, revealed McLaren, although sales will remain similar to 2013. 2015 and beyond will be boosted by extra volume from future new cars.

McLaren: target 4,000 cars

The firm currently produces seven cars a day; by 2016, the arrival of the new P13 entry-level supercar will double this. The target is annual production of 4,000 cars.

To develop these new cars, McLaren has already upped investment in future cars from £68.1 million to £70.6 million. Further investment in R&D is expected this year.

McLaren also plans to boost its employee headcount by 20% to 1,500 by 2015 to produce and sell the new model – a car it predicts will not only attract buyers of rival brands but grow the marketplace overall.

Impressively, McLaren Automotive, which began in 2009, exports 92% of all the cars it sells.

McLaren new car deliveries – 2013

P1: 36

12C: 1,359

Total deliveries: 1,395

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