McLaren 570GT 2016

McLaren: 570GT will be our best seller

McLaren 570GT 2016McLaren now believes the 570GT may become its best-selling Sport Series car, so positive does it say reaction has been to the most road-focused McLaren road car yet.

This would flip an earlier guess that the more focused 570S would be the top Sport Series model, although the company admits it will still be close – and is relaxed whichever one proves favourite.

“We can easily vary production,” said a spokesman, and we don’t mind which one comes out on top.” It’s for customers to decide.

McLaren’s most affordable range of cars yet, the 5ports Series 570GT is the most practical and easy to use. In a sector where many use their cars every day, and cover many more miles than the 650S-style Super Series cars, this will be a key selling point.

The firm expects the 570GT to be the highest-mileage McLaren yet, and has equipped it with this in mind: electric heated seats, soft-close doors, front and rear parking sensors and an easy-entry electric steering rack are all standard.

It loses the 570S’ carbon ceramic discs in favour of more everyday steel brakes, and the standard wheels are less exotic. Despite this, it costs more than the 570S, and weighs a little more too. All to make it more of a showroom-friendly alternative to a high-end Porsche 911 or Audi R8.

“It’s the most road-focused McLaren ever,” said McLaren Sports Series vehicle line director Andrew Palmer. “Customers wanted this greater emphasis so we’ve focused here on greater long-distance comfort, more refinement and more luxury.

“Customers still want the ability to take it on a track and thrill them, but in the 570GT it may be once or twice a year: in the 570S, owners will likely do a track day every few months.”

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