Brian Fantana Sex Panther

Mazda ‘musks up’ with new Soul of Motion perfume

Brian Fantana Sex Panther

In a press release that could have been written by Brian Fantana, Mazda has released details of its new eau de perfume. Sadly, you’re unlikely to find it alongside Sex Panther or Black Beard’s Delight in the newsman’s ‘cupboard of cologne’.

Soul of Motion – yes, that is its name – is a mass-produced perfume based on an ‘art piece’ fragrance, first unveiled in 2016. Rumour has it that when it comes to appealing to members of the opposite sex, 60% of the time it works every time.

Fantana – or rather, the Mazda press office – went full on ‘Barry White’ when preparing the press release. “Concealing the glass is a cover whose smoothly curved surfaces imply suspension and tension,” it says.

“The cover slips off a clever fitting mechanism to reveal a sophisticated glass container that seems to exude brilliance from the inside,” it continues.

For Mazda, the sense of smell is the “fourth dimension” – the chance to try something new and unexpected. One has to hope that it doesn’t smell like pure gasoline.

“I wished to take this idea to a new domain and broaden our potential modes of expression,” says Ikuo Maeda, Mazda’s global head of design. “I knew the stimulation would be useful when designing our next cars.”

The scent – produced in partnership with Shiseido – uses woody notes to express power, leather for vitality and rose for passion. Hints of lime and blackcurrant were added to provide a “car-like metallic impression”.

And you thought cars had the whiff of diesel fumes, leftover takeaways and wet dogs.

Mazda is very excited about the prospect of getting ‘musked up’ with cosmetics brand Shiseido.

“Although we are from different industries, we will pursue the same things if our basic aspirations are the same. We get very real benefits from collaborations like this,” says Maeda.

“I think having a perfume is a big plus for Mazda’s efforts to create a more mature car culture. If we are trying to create a culture, then cars that are simply tools are not enough.

“There is a user with a lifestyle, and we need [to] find a way to add something to that. In that sense, I’d like people to use this fragrance and get a feel for Mazda, and in doing so always keep Mazda close by.”

We’ll spare you the full 1,500 words used to announce the arrival of Soul of Motion. But look out for the perfume, coming to a retailer – and cologne cupboard – near you soon.

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