Mazda offers up to £6,000 scrappage savings

Save £6,000 in scrappage on a new Mazda

New car buyers can save up to £6,000 off any efficient new Mazda when they trade in their old car via the scrappage scheme

The Mazda Scrappage Scheme Upgrade Plan – to use its official title – is available on new cars registered by December 31 2019, and allows you to exchange any petrol or diesel car registered before December 31 2010.

All new Mazdas that emit less than 143g/km of CO2 are included in the offer, which is also dependent on your participation in Mazda’s PCP finance scheme. 

Save £6,000 in scrappage on a new Mazda

A particular highlight of Mazda’s range at the moment is the new 3 with the Skyactiv-X petrol engine. This is well within the prescribed CO2 limit, emitting just 96g/km: fairly spectacular for an engine that also produces a zesty 180hp. Buyers can save up to £3,000.

The full £6,000 saving is available on a new Mazda 6 with a diesel engine.

“The Mazda Scrappage Scheme has grown increasingly popular since its introduction in 2017,” said Mazda UK sales director, Peter Allibon.

Save £6,000 in scrappage on a new Mazda

“Not only can drivers save up to £6,000 off their new Mazda on the Upgrade Plan, but they will also be able to benefit from lower emissions and improved economy thanks to Mazda’s clean and efficient Skyactiv technologies.”

For those who are eager, a further £500 can be saved if the new car is registered before November 30 2019. 

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