Mazda2 2015

Mazda: product will take us back to 50,000 sales

Mazda2 2015Mazda UK managing director Jeremy Thomson says the firm will once again reach the 50,000 annual sales mark in the UK – and it’s new product that will deliver the boost.

Models such as the CX-5 have already lifted Mazda from the lows of 2012, where sales halved to just 25,000 units.

Now, the new Mazda2 and, in particular, the new CX-3 small crossover will give the firm an additional push that will take it back to its previous UK high. Later in the year, the new MX-5 roadster also arrives.

“It’s a product-led growth strategy,” said Thomson at the launch of the new Mazda2 (a car that itself will deliver 12,000 annual sales).

“Getting back into the 50,000 arena is our target… my confidence that we’ll achieve this comes from the fact we’ve already grown significantly with CX-5 and Mazda3.

“We’ve been outperforming the industry for several years already and this will continue in 2015.”

Thomson also indicated the car industry itself could be unduly cautious with its sales predictions in 2015.

“The current expectation is for sales to be flat – but, with elections coming up, who knows?”


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