Maybach G650: you could own one of the craziest luxury cars ever

Maybach G650 Landaulet

There are luxury cars and there are luxury cars. At one extreme there’s a Mercedes-Benz S-Class with a diesel V6. At the other, there’s this. The G650 Maybach Landaulet – and we’ll take no arguments on this – is one of the most ridiculous luxury cars ever made.

Produced as a run-out special before the new G-Class arrived, the G650 Maybach is the ultimate manifestation of the mafia drug lord’s SUV of choice. It’s the car to be seen in if you want to be taken seriously as an international proprietor of Class A opiates.

It’s also the ultimate dictator’s hack. Because even if your palace is lined with gold, are you really a dictatorial warlord if you don’t have a G650 in the garage?

We joke of course, but just look at the thing. We’d like to see a more appropriate prop for the garage of a Bond villain.

What is the G650 Landaulet?

Maybach G650 Landaulet

One of just 99 made, the G650 Landaulet takes luxury and off-road pretence to equal extremes. The 22-inch wheels, enormous arches and jacked-up ride are borrowed from the ‘squared’ G-Class models, while the extended wheelbase and soft-top lend themselves to the luxurious Maybach side of the G650.

Inside, it’s business as usual, until you get in the back. There, you’ll find reclinable leather chairs, champagne flutes, comfort pillows and stunning in-car audio and entertainment systems. Oh yes, and a fabric roof that rolls back and drops down just behind you.

Under the bonnet, there’s Mercedes’ twin-turbocharged 6.0-litre V12, good for 630hp. Because what else has enough torque to get those incredible wheels spinning?

Can I buy this one?

Maybach G650 Landaulet

Yes Sir, you can. It’s available for the tidy sum of £799,000 from Nuremberg-based dealer Autovermietung Zitzmann. What do you get for that? Well, it’s only done 100 miles, so that’s a bonus. There are no bullet holes that we can detect and, as far as we’re aware, it hasn’t been seized by the Federal Government. Not things that would typically pop up on an online car check, but still…

No, a Maybach G-Class is never going to be subtle, but we’d go as far as to say that in context, this is quite a nicely specced car: no chrome wrap or 30-inch aftermarket wheels.

It’s very much more Saudi Sheikh than Kanye West, and we can appreciate that. So, if you fancy showing the Kardashians their G-Wagen game is weak, step right this way.

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