You could own the Vespa runaround of a Hollywood star

Marlon Brando Vespa for sale

This little Vespa scooter has lived a glamorous life, being the potter-about machine of choice for Hollywood royalty. Owned by producer Elliot Kastner, it was used as a regular runaround by none other than Marlon Brando.

If Kastner doesn’t ring a bell, don’t worry: producers are rarely as famous as the films they make happen. Do you remember classics such as Where Eagles Dare, The Blob, Missouri Breaks and Angel Heart?

Marlon Brando Vespa for sale

Kastner procured the little Vesper in Rome for a shoot. Following that, it was shipped back to the UK and kept unregistered at Kastner’s country home. There, Brando would take the Vespa out on jaunts, technically illegally. He would ask Kastner if the bike was ‘serviced and ready to go’ on visits, before taking it out.

It might be hard to imagine the mafioso Godfather star riding a Vespa, but it’s the truth. As verified by Kastner’s son Dillon. 

Okay, it’s not the Batmobile, but it’s an object of curiosity for film fans, and fans of Brando’s and Kastner’s work. Given that it’s not quite an A-list movie motor, the little 1976 Vespa isn’t expected to make millions. 

Indeed, this little trinket from Hollywood’s behind-the-scenes could be yours for between £2,000 and £3,000. The scooter will be auctioned at the H&H Classics sale at the National Motorcycle Museum on 2 November, and is in an unrestored condition. 

Marlon Brando Vespa for sale

“This Vespa has impeccable credentials and is something of a find for any Brando fan who also appreciates classic Italian design of this iconic scooter,” said Mark Bryan of H&H Classics motorcycle department. 

“It is a great mix of bike and film history.”