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Man buys new car on a smartphone in his coffee break

Mitsubishi Buy OnlineMitsubishi has delivered its first car sold through its Buy Online sales channel – to someone who bought the car in his coffee break at work via his smartphone.

It took less than 20 minutes to spec and order the new ASX, says new owner Antony Deane. “I knew I wanted the Mitsubishi ASX,” he said. “When I saw I could actually buy it through the website, I decided to save time.

“It felt a little bit strange, as one minute I was having a coffee and the next I was buying a car on my phone, but it was all very straightforward.”

The only thing he couldn’t do via his smartphone was upload some necessary documentation: everything else was completed on his device.

The firm says it’s so straightforward because the buy online function is fully integrated into Mitsubishi’s UK website, and its full range of cars are included in it – as well as any special offers running across the dealer network. Cars can be part-exchanged through it as well, with BCA providing estimated trade-in values.

The dealer network isn’t sidelined. Test drives can be booked through it and, although there’s a home delivery option, new car deliveries can also take place through retailers closest to customers. Dean visited Grosvenor Garage Mitsubishi, dropping off his old car and driving away in his new ASX.

Deane said questions he had were resolved by the Mitsubishi Buy Online live chat functionality – including determining a delivery date just three weeks after his coffee break order.

“Buying a new Mitsubishi is a very big thing for me, it’s the first new car I’ve bought in 25 years of driving and the whole experience was brilliant throughout. He went so far as to describe the entire process as “enjoyable” and reckons he is going to use it again.

This is good news for Mitsubishi UK MD Lance Bradley. “Mr. Deane’s decision to use our new online buying facility and his experience throughout his purchase epitomise why we invested in Mitsubishi Buy Online.

“An ever-increasing amount of car buyers are considering purchasing their next new vehicle online and giving our customers the option to do this, in addition to providing them with a traditional dealer network, is essential in making their Mitsubishi experience the very best it can be.”

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