Maldonado Lotus

Pastor Maldonado gets a new Lotus

Maldonado Lotus

Everyone’s favourite F1 driver in his new Lotus Evora S

The Lotus press release may win this week’s award for stating the blooming obvious. Announcing the news that Lotus F1 Team driver, Pastor Maldonado, has been presented with a brand new Lotus Evora S, the release began with:

“In a weekend that did not pan out exactly as Pastor Maldonado had hoped.”

It would be fair to say that this sentence could be rolled out following many Formula One weekends. Harsh? Perhaps. But Maldonado looks like the cat who got the cream at last Sunday’s Monaco Grand Prix, despite not even making it off the grid.

In fairness to the Venezuelan, his failure to start was down to a suspected fuel pump failure, rather than his infamous driving style, which is a shame, given that qualifying 15th was his best result of the season.

But even so, a brand new Lotus Evora S is hardly a suitable reward for an F1 back catalogue of incidents, accidents and accusations. Surely a Proton Impian, with ‘Handling by Lotus®’, would be more apt?

Are we being unfair on Pastor Maldonado? He is considered by many to be the laughing stock of Formula One, a driver who fails to learn from this mistakes. The internet is littered with articles and blogs criticising the 29-year-old.

Looking for evidence? Well allow us to utilise the power of Google predictive searching, which displays the most popular search terms for a given subject. Check out these 10 Pastor Maldonado searches, then compare them with current F1 World Championship leader, Nico Rosberg.

Pastor Maldonado 1: Accident

Pastor Maldonado 2: Ban

Pastor Maldonado 3: Crash

Pastor Maldonado 4: Dangerous

Pastor Maldonado 5: Grid penalty

Pastor Maldonado 6: Hits marshal

Pastor Maldonado 7: Is an idiot

Pastor Maldonado 8: Jokes

Pastor Maldonado 9: Penalty

Pastor Maldonado 10: Rubbish

Notice a trend developing there? Here’s the alternative view from the Mercedes Formula One garage, although we suspect these aren’t necessarily searches carried out by Lewis Hamilton.

Nico Rosberg 1: And Lewis Hamilton friends

Nico Rosberg 2: Britney

Nico Rosberg 3: Cap

Nico Rosberg 4: Daily Mail

Nico Rosberg 5: Girlfriend

Nico Rosberg 6: Helmet

Nico Rosberg 7: Instagram

Nico Rosberg 8: Jacket

Nico Rosberg 9: Profile

Nico Rosberg 10: Race wins

A more rounded, if a little celebrity-focused set of results. Seemingly, the internet has Maldonado’s card well and truly marked.

Which leads into wondering whether the Lotus Evora S is going to be safe in the hands of the Lotus F1 driver?

He’s quoted as saying he’s “excited to take the famous Monaco hairpins in this”. Which is more than he achieved last Sunday. Best not take the Lotus to Canada, eh?

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