Porsche Macan dealer

Magnitude manages a million for Macan

Porsche Macan dealerSpecialist funding firm Magnitude finance reports it has already arranged £1 million of finance for the new Porsche Macan – before the vehicle has even launched in the UK.

The Macan debuts at Porsche dealers tomorrow (11 April) and Magnitude Finance customers will be among those taking delivery on debut day.

Director of Magnitude Finance, Tim Marlow, said: “Our clients placed orders early and we secured finance very quickly for them to make sure they will be the first on the road this Saturday enjoying what is being widely talked about as one of the best new cars available.”

They’re the lucky ones, adds Marlow. An ever-growing waiting list, he says, means that those placing orders now won’t take delivery until 2015.

But “it hasn’t deterred people – in fact, this actually makes them want one even more and we are currently working on a further seven immediate funding packages”.

Porsche Macan: the new Range Rover Evoque?

Marlow adds that initial findings from Magnitude Finance suggest the Macan may now firmly snatch the Range Rover Evoque’s crown as must-have compact SUV.

“We have seen a shift in the number of clients moving from the Range Rover Evoque to the Macan because it is the compact SUV of the moment and received glowing media reports across the board.

“The Evoque has been an outstanding success and hugely popular with our clientele, but will be three years old in September and they have been sold in volume.

“The Macan is brand new and has the prestige of the Porsche badge adorning its bonnet.”

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