Madonna Mini Cooper S for sale

Madonna’s 16-year-old Mini Cooper S on sale for £55,000

Madonna Mini Cooper S for saleIn 2002, Madonna bought a black Mini Cooper S, and it was a car she liked so much, she sang about it in her 2003 song ‘American Life’. Now, it’s up for sale on Auto Trader – with a £55,000 price tag.

Since Madonna traded it in, the car’s been kept in storage, so is almost literally as the material girl herself left it. Taking delivery in October 2002, Madonna used it for four years when she lived in London with Guy Ritchie.

The car comes with the original V5 registration document and car insurance paperwork, both of which list Madonna L Ciccone and Guy Ritchie.

Madonna Mini Cooper S for sale

Amazingly, the (optional) sat nav still contains previous destinations visited by Madonna, including residential areas and recording studios.

Befitting a genuine celebrity car, the Mini actually features in period paparazzi photographs, and the vendor says Madonna used it while recording her ninth studio album, ‘American Life’.

Proving how taken Madonna was by her Mini adventure, she sings about it in the song of the same life: “I drive my Mini Cooper, and I’m feeling super-duper.” Quite.

Madonna Mini Cooper S for sale

The 25,000-mile Mini comes with a range of options ordered by Madonna, including 17-inch S-spoke alloys, twin glass sunroofs and privacy glass; amusingly, when they found out who had ordered it, workers at Mini Plant Oxford secretly signed the bodyshell under the bonnet before the car left the factory.

“It’s really timely that this car is up for sale just as Madonna turns 60,” said Auto Trader’s digital editor Rachael Hogg.

“Previously owned by one of the world’s biggest music sensations and affectionately referenced in songs and TV interviews, this is the most expensive Mini Cooper S on the market, because for many it’s not just a car, it’s a significant piece of Madonna memorabilia.

Madonna Mini Cooper S for sale

“It appears to be in immaculate condition still, so would make a lovely runaround for a Madonna fan with cash to flash.”

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