M6 ghosts

Who you gonna call? M6 motorway crashes allegedly caused by ghosts

M6 ghosts

Mike Brooker, a self-appointed international psychic medium has claimed that the M6’s history of accidents can be put down to the road being haunted.

A notorious stretch of the motorway – Junctions 16-19 – has an inordinately high number of road accidents. It’s also allegedly home to legions of eternally restless spectral beings. Brooker’s theory is that the motorway disturbed old Roman burial sites, as well as the sites of significant Anglo-Scottish conflicts dating back 200 years.

Regardless of how surreal “real negative energy” sounds, Brooker isn’t wrong when he says “what is clear is that something is very wrong to cause so many accidents on what is, to all intents and purposes, a fairly straight stretch of road”. From the beginning through to August 2017, more than 70 severe accidents have occurred in this veritable accident blackspot.

M6 ghosts

In the defence of these very far-fetched claims, there have been numerous reports of odd phenomena. Sightings include rather out-of-place historic-looking figures and phantom lorries.

Work is ongoing to upgrade the M6 – including the allegedly most-haunted areas – to Smart motorway specification. More than £250 million-worth of installations will include emergency areas at Junction 18 and 19. Joining them will be 258 new adaptive electronic signs and 70 CCTV cameras. Perhaps the latter can capture some of the supernatural happenings for all to see?

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