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Lotus sales up 55%, hit seven-year high

Group Lotus CEOThe recovery of Lotus Cars continues with the brand announcing a 55 per cent increase in global sales to 1,529 units.

Sales were up in all markets, with the UK posting an impressive doubling of volumes to 346 cars. This would have made Britain the brand’s biggest market – but for a similar 103 per cent increase in Japan, taking it up to 365 cars.

The only disappointment was a relatively meek 24 per cent increase in U.S. volumes, to 245 units; it’s the introduction of upmarket new cars such as the Lotus Evora 400 that the brand sees as key in tackling this – Lotus says Evora sales are expected to “change radically with the launch of the Evora 400 in August”.

Right now, only the Evora is sold as a road car in North America: the Elise and Exige are for track use only.

As it stands, the best-selling Lotus is the aged Elise, this year celebrating its 20th anniversary; sales were actually up 80 per cent in the 2014/15 model year, to 729 cars.

Lotus also sold 724 Exige S (+52 per cent) and 562 Evora (+35 per cent).

Jean Mark Gales, CEO of Group Lotus, said: “This positive result is something that we have not witnessed at Lotus for many years.

“We are meeting both time and budget deadlines. Yet, we appreciate that we still have hard work to do to maintain the progress.

“Looking to the future, we are working on new Lotus cars and have a number of exciting announcements and reveals over the next 18 months.”

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