Lotus Exige S LF1 Formula One limited edition

Lotus has announced a new Exige S special edition to commemorate the number of Lotus grand prix victories in Formula 1.

The Exige S LF1, as the new model is called, comes only in black with gold and red details – and will be limited to just 81 examples, the number of times Lotus has claimed the top spot in F1.

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This might suggest Lotus isn’t expecting to win any more races in the foreseeable future. But just to cover that base, the victory roll call is officially capped at the end of the 2013 season for the purposes of this product launch. Fair enough.

What’s slightly more exciting is not only that each Exige LF1 will be individually numbered, but that each number will tie-up with the corresponding Lotus grand prix win.

Meaning that car number one commemorates Lotus’ 1960 victory in Monaco, while car 81 recognises the first place finish in Australia 2013. Which is fun – although dealing with requests from customers for particular cars could prove challenging.

Special features for the LF1 include 17-inch front and 18-inch rear cast alloy wheels in gold, the standard fit Exige Race Pack with Dynamic Performance Management system (usually an optional extra), two-piece high performance brake discs and Pirelli P-Zero Trofeo tyres for track-biased grip.

In addition to the black, gold and red on the outside – obviously reminiscent of Lotus’ most famous F1 liveries – the interior gets a similar theme, as well as the latest Lotus F1 Team logo on the seat backs. And a carbonfibre plate listing the build number.

There’s more carbonfibre for the engine cover, plus unique LF1 badges – including a black and gold finish for the Lotus badge on the nose. Plus you get some F1 memorabilia, a tour of Lotus Cars, a tour of Lotus F1 and a discount membership card as part of the package.

Based on the Exige S, the LF1 also won’t be short of performance. Powered by a supercharged 350hp 3.5-litre V6, 0-62mph takes just 4.0 seconds and top speed is 170mph. Fuel economy is a claimed 28.0mpg, CO2 emissions 236g/km.

The Lotus Exige LF1 is on sale now, priced at £62,900 – exactly £10,000 more than the standard car. The new car will be making its first public appearances this week at both the London MotorExpo motor show and Le Mans.

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On Bing: see pictures of the Lotus Exige LF1

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