Lotus drifts into Christmas with tree-laden Evora 410

#DriftmasEvora being filmed during #MerryDriftmas video

It’s a very Merry ‘Driftmas’ from the fun-loving bods at Lotus, this morning. Watch an Evora 410 – complete with Christmas tree – carve some shapes around the marque’s compound, as employees look on in astonishment. There are a few choice car cameos, too…

The accompanying statement from the classic Norfolk-based sports car manufacturer claims: “while many look back over the year during the festive season, Lotus looks sideways” – that’s what we like to see. An appropriate vehicle is required to shuttle a Christmas tree around in suitable crossed-up style – meet the #DriftmasEvora.

#DriftmasEvora drifts around the Lotus Cars site

Of course, the Lotus Evora 410 doesn’t come standard with provisions to mount a Christmas tree. So the ‘Driftmas’ Evora required a few modifications before it could carry a Christmas tree and hold it at speed.

#DriftmasEvora Lotus GT410 Sport rear with Christmas tree

In the video we see the Evora, complete with tree, slithering up to the security gates, as a somewhat perplexed and disapproving guard grants it access. A few token sideways laps of the roundabout thereafter set the tone. The Evora then heads toward the production facility, passing a famous Esprit along the way.

#MerryDriftmas video included some exciting Lotus Cars cameos including a familiar Lotus Esprit

Sliding into the production facility, things are calmed down for the quiet and clean assembly line. Production staff, complete with Santa hat, look on in disapproval once again. Note the John Player Special-liveried Lotus 72 sitting pretty.

Classic Team Lotus loaned an interesting addition for #MerryDriftmas filming, an iconic Lotus 72

Out into the quality testing area for some token skids, before slaloming round some Lotus loveliness in the car park. Up to the dealer before coming to a stop as the festive tunes ring out. Yes, we spotted the Lotus bike!

#DriftmasEvora inside the factory alongside a selection of Lotus cars being built at its Hethel, UK site

Obviously, this required some expert camera work and state of the art equipment. Check out those drone shots! 

What a fun way to see out the year as well as demonstrate the delicate dynamic capability of one of the marque’s fastest models to date. It’s nice to get a teasing look at the inner workings of Lotus as well as see some special historical cameos.

#DriftmasEvora Lotus GT410 Sport lines up outside #HandmadeinHethel factory before burning off sideways for #MerryDriftmas video

If Lotus goes into 2019 as it’s ended 2018, next year should be quite a laugh with our friends from Hethel. A very merry ‘Driftmas’ and a Hethel new year, to all.

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