London moving traffic violations are up by 300,000

London moving traffic violations are up

Nearly 1.5 million moving traffic penalties were issued in the 2017-2018 period for drivers in London. This represents a 30 percent increase in moving penalty charge notices (PCNs), with a total of 333,784 extra on top of the previous year’s 1,106,158. 

Perhaps even more dramatic are the individual changes in the figures in specific London boroughs. 

City of London: a 1,667 percent INCREASE in moving penalties

London moving traffic violations are up

The City of London’s 192,841 penalties in the 2017-2018 period represents a scarcely believable 1,663 percent up-kick over the previous year. The number for the last year? Just 10,939 penalties.

Contrast with second-placed Havering, with an up-kick that’s one-third of the City of London’s, at 572 percent, comprised of just 32,252 offences. Second place in terms of the sheer number of offences is Barnet, with 86,578. That’s a 55 percent upturn in offences from the previous year, which was 56,026.

The largest year-on-year drop in moving PCNs goes to Kingston, with a 22 percent drop to 65,634. That places it in tenth on the table for the total number of stakes.


“By the sheer amount of penalty charge notices issued, this research certainly shows that the prevalence of moving traffic infringements in London is certainly higher than anyone would expect,” said Elie Fakhoury, the managing director of 

“Given the capital’s busy roads, individuals should consistently seek to re-familiarise themselves with the rules, markings and signs in the highway code. In turn, this will not only minimise the number of moving traffic contraventions but more importantly, increase the level of awareness and care taken by drivers whilst on the road.”

What is a moving traffic violation?

London moving traffic violations are up

The data, collated by Click4reg, shows the extent of our increased penchant for moving traffic violations. But what exactly is a moving traffic violation? 

Yes, speeding is classified as a moving traffic violation, given that it’s a moving offence captured by a camera. Joining it is the prohibited use of a bus lane or any other restricted lanes, running red lights and making prohibited manoeuvres. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol also falls under this category of offence.

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