Noble M600 SVR

Relaunched Noble M600 supercar to star at London Motor Show

Noble M600 SVRA specially-built Noble M600 will be revealed at the 2016 London Motor Show on Thursday by the firm’s new European distributor, Super Veloce Racing, as part of a brand relaunch for the Leicester supercar firm.

SVR will pull the covers off its new customer demonstrator at the Battersea Park show, following what it calls “an intensive build and testing process”. The ‘black-red’ car will be finished just in time to star at the London event.

Why ‘black-red’? Because it looks black from a distance but, thanks to a special paint finish, turns to red up close…

Noble M600 SVR

Noble recently appointed High Wycombe’s SVR to handle all its sales and servicing for the UK and Europe, and has charged the premium supercar dealer with ramping up sales of the Noble M600.

First seen on Top Gear back in 2011, the M600 remains the 12th-fastest car around the Top Gear Power Lap in the hands of The Stig – and it was cold on the day it was tested: it could have gone faster still…

Since then, the Leicester factory has worked on improving fit and finish of the £250,000 supercar and insiders promise the hand-built model is now “impeccable”. Each one is custom-built to the customer’s specification – to the extent that there isn’t even a factory colour chart; all paint is created from scratch according to the customer’s spec.

Following the reveal of its customer demonstrator at 3.15pm on Thursday 5 May, renewed impetus will be given to the M600, which to date has sold in steady but limited numbers. SVR aims to step up volumes and revive the Leicester supercar.

SVR will be selling both versions of Noble M600 – the regular version which costs £250k and the M600 CarbonSport which boasts exposed carbon fibre body panels: this costs £277,000.

Both versions are mechanically identical, using a 4.4-litre Yamaha V8 twin-turbo engine producing 662hp and 604lb-ft of torque: that’s enough to take the 1,198kg M600 to 62mph in 3.5 seconds, 124mph in 8.9 seconds and on to a 225mph maximum.

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