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Reborn TVR to make first public appearance at London Motor Show

TVR renderingTVR will attend its first motor show since being revived under the ownership of British businessman Les Edgar at the 2016 London Motor Show – but the all-new TVR won’t be.

Despite huge public interest (and a multitude of cash deposits), the firm says it’s too early to show the new car: its reveal is being pencilled in for autumn 2016.

But visitors will not be disappointed, promises TVR. Instead, it will be revealing a concept teaser of the new car: and both chairman Les Edgar and ace car designer Gordon Murray – who’s created the architecture underpinning the new TVR – will showcase the preview during the reborn firm’s press conference at 5pm on Thursday 5 May.

Les Edgar said: “We have built enormous momentum over the past 12 months, to the point at which we now hold more than 350 deposits from enthusiastic individuals who are keen to be proud owners and drivers of the new TVR.

“Our appearance at the London Motor Show will be a perfect platform for us to show a physical representation of the car and we hope to use the opportunity to tantalise the public and provide a strong indication of the look of the production vehicle.”

TVR: what we know so far

TVR’s creating its new sports car around Gordon Murray’s innovative iStream carbon reinforced chassis. This is ultra-lightweight, minimises start-up assembly costs and is being dubbed ‘the biggest revolution in high volume manufacturing since the Ford Model T’.

In TVR tradition, it will pack a brawny V8 engine, developed by Cosworth. It’ll be rear-wheel drive and a ground effect chassis will give it modern-era aerodynamics.

The new TVR will be built at a factory in South Wales, as part of a five-year, £30-million investment plan. Demand is already high: the current order rate will see the new factory working at capacity until the end of 2018.

The firm says London Motor Show-goers will get an opportunity “to appreciate the silhouette and see the physical shape in a full-size representation of the new car”.

And as for the production-ready car itself, “the full exterior design will be unveiled to all customers who placed an order at an exclusive preview event later this year, which will be an important milestone in the programme.”

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