TVR not reveal London Motor Show

New TVR not revealed at London Motor Show

TVR not reveal London Motor ShowThe final design of the new TVR is at the 2016 London Motor Show but company chief Les Edgar has REFUSED to pull the covers off the new sports car!

It’s set to be revealed later this year but it will be customers who get to see it first during private viewings, promised Edgar – as a reward to the hundreds of people who have already placed a deposit on the unseen sports car.

TVR’s first motor show in a decade, Edgar said TVR is back to do what it was doing before – but doing it better than before. “A lot better,” he stressed.

We may not have seen the car but we do know it is going to be “a hairy beast: loud, fast, furious and British”. It will be a true TVR: “Our competition is actually ourselves”. Modern TVR will live up to the drama of the old TVR, “but better than it’s ever been before”.

Gordon Murray speaks

TVR preview Summer 2016

Ace car design legend Gordon Murray was also on hand to not reveal the new TVR: the new sports car is using his company Gordon Murray Design’s iStream construction architecture.

For Murray, it’s a project he’s proud to be involved with. “This is my third British supercar, all of them very different. The McLaren F1 was all about materials and performance, while the lightweight Rocket sports car still holds the world record for lightest ever car – just 370kg.

“Now we’re bringing the muscle car back to the UK.” Carroll Shelby hijacked the AC Ace in the 60s and created the iconic Shelby Cobra, reckons Murray: modern TVR is taking back the legend.

The new TVR is also an antidote to today’s high-tech hypercars, reckons Murray. It will weight 1,150kg, not 1,500kg, and won’t be packed with batteries and KERS.

“This is a pure driver’s car… it will not drive itself, it will need attention. It’s the antidote the self-driving autonomous car.”

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