Ultimate electric SUV: Lister modifies Jaguar I-Pace for £125,000

Jaguar’s all-electric I-Pace SUV gains some welcome extra attitude from British tuning firm, Lister. Meet the SUV-E Concept.

Lister Jaguar I-Pace E-SUV

Jaguar’s all-electric I-Pace SUV has gained some welcome extra attitude from Lister. The famous racing marque and Jaguar modifier has modified Jaguar’s first EV to create the SUV-E Concept.

From a distance, you’ll note the obvious flashes of classic Lister green and yellow, as well as new Lister titanium wheels. Get closer and the more aggressive bodywork comes into view. The front and rear bumpers, splitter, rear diffuser, bonnet and spoiler are all made of carbon.

On the inside, customers get a choice of Nappa leather in no less than 60 colours.

Under the skin of the SUV-E

Lister Jaguar I-Pace E-SUV

Upgrades to the I-Pace are more than skin-deep. Carbon-ceramic brakes are added, as is fully-adjustable lowered suspension. All the carbon parts help reduce weight by 100kg to 2,033kg.

Updated software offers increased horsepower and torque, although specific numbers haven’t been quoted yet. Lister estimates the SUV-E will crack 60mph in four seconds.

The best bit, perhaps, is the upgraded exhaust sound. The noise complies with new electric vehicle regulations, to make them safer for pedestrians.

Lister’s site reads: ‘Whilst at Lister petrol runs through our veins instead of blood, we cannot ignore the interest in electric vehicles.

Lister Jaguar I-Pace E-SUV

‘We are therefore introducing the SUV-E concept based on the Jaguar I-Pace as an opportunity for those interested in electric power to own a truly unique and bespoke electric vehicle. All Lister SUV-E will be built to customers individual specifications.’

Lister expects the SUV-E production car to cost around £125,000, and it will be produced in very limited numbers. Exactly how many is yet to be determined, as the company gauges interest in the car.

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