Full-size LEGO Honda Civic Type R took 1,300 hours to build

Lego Honda Civic Type R

It’s 2019. We should have flying cars, right? Well, instead, we have many full-size cars made of Lego. Following a McLaren 720S and Bugatti Chiron, is something a bit more relatable. Meet the new all-Lego Honda Civic Type R.

While real Civic Type Rs pass through the Swindon plant at a rate of knots, this one took a little longer to bed. In fact, it’s the first hand-build Type R, with a team of nine taking over 1,300 hours to assemble it.

It’s comprised of 320,000 pieces and really is all-Lego, from the wheels, to the bodywork, to the windows – everything! Well, everything you can see… Sadly, it does require a steel frame structure to underpin it and all the Lego pieces are glued in, but still, it’s an impressive thing to behold.

Lego Honda Civic Type R

It even features working lighting, controllable via an iPad application. It’s not just mains and rears, either. The brakes, fogs, indicators and day-runners work too. All in, it weighs just over 1,300 kilograms, which isn’t far off what the production car weighs.

The Lego Civic Type R, as commissioned by Honda Australia and assembled down under, will go on a tour of the country over the coming months. Honda Australia is supporting the upcoming Lego Masters show, which will feature Lego experts battling in a building competition.

Being that far away, sadly, the chances of prior 1:1 Lego models meeting the Type R are slim.

Lego Honda Civic Type R

“Honda is a company that is all about creativity and innovation so it’s great to support a family show that mirrors these ideals so well,” said Honda Australia Director, Stephen Collins.

“Through Lego Masters, we’ll see some of the dreams of the contestants, and also fans, come to life – we’re proud to be helping drive that.”

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