Lego Caterham

Is the LEGO Caterham Seven the ultimate self-assembly toy?

Lego Caterham

Caterham is the king of self-assembly sports cars, so it was only a matter of time before the lightweight heroes were immortalised in LEGO. Soon, kids of all ages will be able to try their hand at building a Caterham Seven.

Later this year, LEGO will launch a Caterham Seven, after the concept was submitted to the LEGO Ideas system. Ideas that receive 10,000 votes of support are considered by the LEGO team, which selects the ideas that will make it through to production.

LEGO builder Carl Greatrix (who is now one of our favourite people in the world), duly submitted the idea, which easily received 10,000 votes between May and September last year. Now the excitement is… ahem… building, as we look forward to the launch of the new set. Although the price and colour scheme are yet to be confirmed, needless to say it will cost a lot less than the £15,995 you’ll need for the entry-level self-assembly Caterham Seven.

Mike McCoy of the LEGO Ideas team, said: “Carl is known in the LEGO community for his photo-realistic models of cars, trains and aircraft. He’s perfectly captured the classic British sports car in LEGO bricks and now you’ll be able to own one too.”

Caterham’s chief commercial officer, David Ridley, said: “The LEGO Company is one of the most iconic toy brands in the world, so to have our car recreated in the legendary bricks is an enormous honour.

“The great thing about LEGO toys is that they are timeless – it certainly isn’t just children you love it; we have a few of our team members who are avid fans despite being well into their 40s. If you know someone who has always wanted a Caterham Seven, you can now tell them you’re getting them one.”

Is this the coolest LEGO set ever created? We think it could be and you won’t even need a spanner or, dare we say it, hammer, in order to put it together. The LEGO Caterham is expected to arrive in toy shops later this year. Clear a space in your garage/toy cupboard.

In the meantime, we’re off to write a letter to Santa. Well, there are only 285 days to go until Christmas…

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