Leasing company says motorists should ‘say goodbye to buying cars’

Car leasing

ContractHireAndLeasing.com has changed its name to Leasing.com, and the company is celebrating the rebrand with a new marketing campaign.

The “Say goodbye to buying” campaign rides on the back of a buoyant leasing industry, which is currently the fastest-growing form of new car finance for consumers, despite falling new car registrations.

“The new car finance market is changing, and we’re changing with it,” says Leasing.com managing director Dave Timmis.

“Traditionally leasing has been the reserve of businesses, not the general public. We want to change that. We’re launching with a bright new brand that will appeal to a wide audience.

“Leasing offers certainty in uncertain times. We want everyone to know that leasing a new car is a simple, affordable option for everybody to consider.

“We’re launching with new user-friendly sort options, including sort by price, total lease cost and our own Leasing.com value score. This will enable users to easily find the right deal for them, at the best price from the widest range of advertising partners – from brokers and dealers to the big automotive finance houses.”

All advertising partners will be required to hold at least one direct relationship with a funding partner, while all independent leasing brokers advertising on the site must be a member of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA).

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