Learner drivers in the south pay 70 percent more

Learner drivers pay less up North

New data from Auto Trader reveals how much learner drivers pay to get on the road, based on where they live. As you might expect, it’s bad news for Londoners and good news for those in the north.

Reading and London top the list of places where it’s most expensive to learn to drive. The total cost on average comes to £1,717 and £1,670 respectively.

Compare that to Manchester and Liverpool, the cheapest and second-cheapest places to learn to drive. Their average totals come in at £965 and £1,012. That’s from first lesson to fully-licensed driver.

Why the £717 extra cost?

Learner drivers pay less up North

So, what do learners pay for when learning to drive? There’s the provisional licence, the lessons themselves, the theory test and the final driving test. Most of these are a fixed cost wherever you are in the country. A provisional licence is £34, while a theory test and actual test are £23 and £62 – whether you live in London or Leeds.

The lessons that are the wild card, then. While in Manchester an hour’s driving costs you £18, in Reading you’ll pay £34 on average. London is £33 per hour.

The average number of lessons needed is 47, nationwide, so that extra cost per hour soon adds up.

It’s not all cheap and cheerful up north, mind. The most northerly city on the list is Glasgow, and it’s the fifth most expensive, with lessons coming in at £28 per hour.

Learner drivers pay less up North

“As most new and learning motorists turn to Auto Trader to find the right first car for them, we felt it was important to understand the cost implications of learning to drive, and how this differs across the UK,” said an Auto Trader spokesperson.

“Learning to drive is a valuable skill which many people learn as early as possible, but it’s surprising how much the cost of learning varies across the country, with close to a £1,000 cost difference between some areas.”

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