Learner driver penalty point

Learner driver shock: 54,000 ALREADY have penalty points!

Learner driver penalty pointNearly 54,000 learner drivers with provisional licences have already racked up penalty points on their licence, a Freedom of Information Act investigation by confused.com has revealed.

The amazing findings show that 60% of the penalties were for speeding – and, staggeringly, nearly three in 10 drivers did NOT realise they could get penalty points before passing their driving test.

Confused.com carried out further research with and discovered that, of the 36% of Brits that have received a driving licence endorsement, 22% of them picked up points before they’d passed their driving test.

As it’s illegal for provisional licence holders to drive unaccompanied, it does also question what the ‘experienced’ passenger observing them is doing: indeed, 33% of people quizzed feel the co-driver should actually be held responsible for any endorsements picked up by the learner driver!

It is, of course, illegal for anyone other than the driver to take the convictions and points…

Gemma Stanbury, head of car insurance at confused.com, said: “We’re aware that people might make mistakes along the way as they learn to drive, however practicing road safety is an important part of the process, and picking up bad habits such as speeding or jumping lights before officially passing your driving test is never a good way to start.

“It’s concerning that a considerable number of motorists were unaware that they could get penalty points on their licence before officially passing their test.

“Not only could these points contribute to their licence being revoked if they accumulate six points in any way within the first two years of driving, but they could also lead to increased insurance premiums when they are able to get back behind the wheel.”

Learner driver motoring offences – top penalties

Speeding: 60%

Jumping a red light: 43%

Driving without insurance: 33%

Driving carelessly: 15%

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