Launch Pad: Lexus CT200h

ct2What’s an easy way of lowering emissions while improving ride quality? Fitting smaller wheels with low rolling resistance tyres and ‘aerodynamic wheelcovers’, it would seem.

And that’s what Lexus has done, with its revised CT200h that I’m about to board a plane to Rome to drive.

When we first saw the CT200h in 2011, it attracted criticism for its harsh ride, so I’ll be keen to find out if the new wheels has fixed this – and what else Lexus has done to address this issue.

Apparently the suspension’s been tweaked, and I’m sure a test through the streets of Rome will reveal whether this has been a success.

But what else is new on the CT200h? Well, along with the headline CO2 figure of 82g/km, a greater level of standard equipment should attract the company car drivers that Lexus so dearly needs. This includes ‘bamboo loudspeaker technology’, with speaker diaphragms made of bamboo. Seriously.

Oh, and the CT200h is the first Lexus ever to be developed by a female. Chika Kako, the press release tells me, started working for Toyota in 1989, and has recently mean appointed as a Lexus Chief Engineer. We know who to blame if the CT200h is no good, then.

We’re sure that won’t be the case, but it’ll be interesting to see how improved it is over the outgoing CT200h. We’ll let you know how we get on.

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