Launch Pad: BMW i3


So finally, I’m to drive the BMW i3. And, honestly, I cannot wait. Event of the year in motoring journalism coming up? Possibly.

We at MR have seen the BMW i3 for years. OK, perhaps not in its final state, or not even as a fully finished car, but certainly the component parts have been on our radar.

We, for example, drove an electric BMW 1 Series (used as a test bed for the 1 Series electronica) back in 2009. We drove a MINI E, a project from which the i3 team learnt so much, even earlier, back in 2008.

We even saw the BMW i3’s carbon fibre chassis in component form at a press briefing back in 2010 (the same night the 1 Series M Coupe debuted). So, literally for years, we’ve been anticipating it.

This anticipation stepped up another couple of gears at the Frankfurt Motor Show last month. I rode in one of the BMW i3 press shuttles so brilliantly laid on by the firm in a genius PR stunt. Although brief, I loved it. So much so, I had another go. I loved it even more.

Today, I finally get to do what the past five years have been leading up to: drive the new production-ready BMW i3. Will it change the game? Will it finally make people love electric cars? Will the option of a range extender help ease the transition for the range anxious into EVs, and prove to be a canny move by BMW? We shall see.

More later, then, from the launch of the car BMW’s spent years creating to change the game: #BMWi3

In the meantime, for the vital specs and stats on the new i3, check out the MR dataset – it’s live there now. The review will, naturally, follow later…


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