20140416_115341First impressions: the new Volvo Polestar looks totally badass.

Particularly as an S60, actually, complete with cute ducktail spoiler – but the UK isn’t getting that version. Instead we’re taking 125 examples of the V60 Polestar estate; considering the total production run is limited to just 750 cars in seven markets, we’re doing pretty well.

But then, we also have a long-standing fascination with the fast Volvo estate – beginning with the British Touring Cars in 1994.

And be in no doubt: the V60 Polestar is a fast Volvo estate.

Powered by a 350hp turbo six, 0-62mph takea just 5.0 seconds – not bad considering it weighs 1,834kg. This is immediately a worry. But then you notice the word Öhlins on the spec sheet.

Öhlins makes dampers. Really, really good dampers. And it turns out the ones developed for Polestar might just be the most sophisiticated ‘non-active’ units on any road car currently on sale. 60 days of fine-tuning went into tuning them for this car.

The result is no track car – and it isn’t meant to be (although that’s not to say it can’t cope with a bit of circuit action; amongst the other mods are a set of Brembo brakes). Instead it’s a car that offers a rare blend of comfort and control.

Further impressions: this is quite a car. But then, at nearly £50k, it needs to be.