Dacia Duster

The latest shocking new car offer from Dacia

Dacia DusterA new family hatch for £199 a month isn’t that shocking. But a family hatch PCP for £199 deposit? Now that is eyebrow-raising.

And it’s the latest deal Dacia’s offering on the Duster range, its thoroughly able budget Nissan Qashqai alternative.

It’s a PCP scheme that sees a commitment to four years’ finance, at a reasonably steep 8.4% APR.  At the end of the three years, the final payment is £4,260, meaning that, with interest, the £11,595 list price of the 1.5 dCi Ambiance finance example becomes a total amount payable of £14,259.

Ouch? Well, yes – it just goes to show that putting down minimal amounts up front will hit you at the other end if the interest rate isn’t zero.

But for many, it will still appeal. It will mean that even those who don’t have a particularly tidy trade-in can enjoy a brand-new family five-seater at minimal outlay. Shocking little outlay, in fact.

Dacia’s running this deal on both Ambiance and Laureate models, to mark a year on sale in the UK – a year that’s seen it become the fastest-growing new car brand on the market.

Deals such as this have helped that growth: Dacia has shown that you can have all the zero percent finance deals you want, but if it’s not actually affordable both up front and per month, people won’t go for it.

What’s most shocking is how the upstart, unknown Dacia brand is making such inroads by understanding this…

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