Woman’s Own: the last Delta Futurista is just for girls

Automobili Amos Delta Futurista girls only

The last Delta Futurista build slot is available… but men and boys need not apply.

The Automobili Amos Delta Futurista is just one of a few ‘restomod’ classics to appear over recent years. What sets the Italian coachbuilder apart is that it has a running example – and all but one has been sold. Which is where the girls come in.

That’s right, Automobili Amos won’t sell it to you unless you’re a member of the fairer sex. Presumably, there’s nothing to stop a wife or girlfriend applying on behalf of their significant other, but maybe that’s just us being cynical.

The reason for this bizarre sales tactic – or an inspired bit of PR – is that the rest of the production run was snapped up by men. Automobili Amos is not a marque comfortable with gender inequality and is holding the last car for the right moneyed maiden.

“On hold until the right girl comes along” – final Delta Futurista is girls-only

Automobili Amos Delta Futurista girls only

The Instagram post reads as follows…

“Attention girls! The Futurista is sold out… almost! We realised that all our clients are men… After all, ours is a men’s world they say, but we don’t believe it.

“So we are going to keep the last Futurista slot on hold until the right girl comes along. No family is complete without women.”

So there you have it: if you’re a distinguished woman with a passion for Lancia and you have circa €300,000 (£260,000) kicking around, your build slot awaits. We’re off to buy a Yorkie bar.

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