Land Rover SVO reveals €400,000 bulletproof Range Rover Sentinel

Armoured Range Rover powered by supercharged engine from Jaguar F-Type

Land Rover SVO reveals €400,000 bulletproof Range Rover Sentinel

Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) has revealed a bulletproof version of its Range Rover, designed to withstand the most damaging of threats.

The Range Rover Sentinel has has been engineered to provide ‘class-leading’ levels of protection to occupants under extreme attack, says Land Rover, and can withstand penetration by 7.62mm high velocity, armour piercing incendiary bullets.

It can even cope with TNT blasts and grenade explosions from both beneath the floor and above the roof.

Set to debut at the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) show at London’s Excel on 15-18 September, the Range Rover Sentinel is aimed primarily at export markets and will be built to special order with a guide price of around €400,000 plus taxes.

Designed to look like a regular Range Rover, the Sentinel boasts the usual luxury buyers would expect. Power, meanwhile, comes from a 3.0-litre V6 supercharged petrol engine, usually found in the Jaguar F-Type.

Land Rover’s keeping quiet about how much the Sentinel weighs, but we doubt it’ll be particularly swift.

As standard, the Sentinel is equipped with an anti-tamper exhaust, an auxiliary back-up battery and even a self-sealing fuel tank.

The windows feature anti-smash privacy glass while the special 20-inch alloys are chod with run-flat tyres.

Optional extras include fire suppression systems, sirens and emergency service lights. Buyers can even spec an external loudspeaker system.

A driver-training system is included as standard – as is scheduled visits each year by a specialised technician as part of Land Rover’s global aftersales support.

Orders will open later this month, with each Range Rover Sentinel made to order with a guide price of around €400,000.

Land Rover SVO reveals €400,000 bulletproof Range Rover Sentinel

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