Lamborghini Huracan owners set for £30k profit

The first Lamborghini Huracan owners are expected to take delivery of their new cars in August, but an industry specialist is already predicting that some cars will be sold on almost immediately.

Magnitude Finance, a supercar funding specialist, says it has two clients who plan to sell their new car and, in doing so, net themselves an instant £30,000 profit in the process.

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According to Tim Marlow, director of Magnitude Finance, some buyers are turned on by the thought of profit and not by the Huracan’s 610hp V10 engine.

Marlow said:

“Two of our clients were among those invited to a private VIP viewing held before the car was officially unveiled in Geneva and they contacted me to create finance packages.

“They are expecting to sell immediately and believe they will get in the region of £20,000 – £30,000 over the list price depending on when the car arrives.

“One has already agreed a £27,000 premium to sell to a speculator and won’t even drive it before selling it on.”

It’s a high risk strategy, but one that could – should the gamble pay off – provide a healthy return on the initial £186,760 investment.

The first batch of 100 Huracans will be delivered to Lamborghini dealers in August, with each dealer receiving one car per month for the rest of the year. Hopefully a few will see sense and use the supercar as Lamborghini intended.

Which is to say, actually driving the thing.

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Lamborghini Huracan: first pictures revealed

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