Lamborghini HuracanThe Lamborghini Huracan could command a premium of up to £30,000 on the used car market when first deliveries take place later this year, it is claimed.

Supercar funding specialist Magnitude Finance says it already has two clients with their names down to purchase a Huracan, who plan to sell it as soon as they’re handed the keys.

The £186,760 Lamborghini Gallardo replacement was first revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in February, features a new carbonfibre/aluminium hybrid chassis and is powered by a 610hp V10 engine.

Director of Magnitude Finance, Tim Marlow, said: “Two of our clients were among those invited to private VIP viewings held before the car was officially unveiled in Geneva and they instantly contacted me to create finance packages.

“They are expecting to sell immediately and believe they will get in the region of £20,000 – £30,000 over the list price depending on when the car arrives.

“One has already agreed a £27,000 premium to sell to a speculator and won’t even drive it before selling it on.”

The buyers won’t yet have had the opportunity to drive the car, so are taking a risk based on Lamborghini’s reputation and initial reports from Geneva.

The finance company also points out that even those customers who are buying a Huracan for their own pleasure rather than a quick profit are likely to sell it within a year.

Marlow added: “This type of client has a collection of supercars and use our flexible finance packages to get into the latest model as and when required.”