Lamborghini beats Ferrari in 'most attractive' study

Lamborghini Huracan 2014Lamborghini is the most attractive company to work for, say Italian graduates – and is a more appealing place to work than Vodafone and… Ferrari.

A survey of recent Italian graduates by the Fondazione Emblema revealed reasons including the reputation of the brand, opportunities for professional growth and an “excellent working environment”.

It’s another ‘top employer’ award for Lamborghini that vindicates its measures to help develop young engineers. It is associated with several Italian universities and is a proactive player on Career Day events.

“This result is a further step towards Lamborghini’s strategic aim of becoming an ever-more attractive company to work for,” said Umberto Tossini, HR and Organisation Director.

“Young people represent an important investment for our future, which is why we think it is fundamental both to work actively with schools and universities, where we can find and select the best talent, and to guarantee innovative career paths for the young people we employ.”

Sorry Ferrari, looks like you’re third best in this measure of attractiveness. The kids, they want to go to Sant’Agata.

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