This Lamborghini has been turned into an incredible work of art

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Some might argue that a Lamborghini Aventador S is already worthy of display in an art gallery, with bold lines and geometric shapes.

However, the Italian supercar manufacturer has taken things further, inviting young street artist Skyler Grey to create this bespoke collectors item.

The grand unveiling of this special Lamborghini is part of Monterey Car Week 2019, taking pride of place in the Lamborghini Pavilion at the Pebble Beach Golf Course.

A complete blank canvas

It takes a brave person to use a paint roller on a $420,000 (£342,000) supercar, but that was exactly what 19-year-old Skyler Grey did.

Lamborghini invited the young artist to its new paint facility at the Sant’Agata factory, allowing him to unleash his full arsenal of street art tools and techniques.

Along with the rollers, Grey

used air brushes, spray guns, and stencils to transform the original Arianco Atlas (orange) paintwork of the V12-powered Aventador S.

Running with the bulls

Bold splashes of yellow, orange, and white have been used by Grey to bring turn the Aventador S into something Andy Warhol would be proud of.

Planning the design concept took almost a year. Grey needed to liaise with various teams at the Lamborghini factory to ensure his vision was viable.

Actually turning his ideas into a finished creation took a total of three weeks. The artist completed the exterior design by signing his name on the bodywork.

Total stitch up

Not even the interior has been spared from a makeover, with the Grey adding an extra custom design to the real panel.

Grey has added the embroidered image of a cartoon bull, surrounded by splashes of simulated paint. Lamborghini used its skilled upholstery experts to make the design come to life.

By contrast, the remainder of the cockpit in black leather with orange stitching seems almost subtle.

Fighting the counterfeiters

Along with pushing the boundaries of cars as art, Lamborghini has used new technology in selling the finished Aventador S.

With Grey’s work already attracting an impressive following, it is perhaps unsurprising that an avid art collector has snapped up the finished mid-engine coupe.

Lamborghini has used blockchain technology to register and certify the car as authentic. The aim is to stop anyone from attempting to pass off an imitation of Grey’s work as the real deal.

Viewing gallery

Grey’s Aventador creation is the latest addition to a list of Lamborghinis turned into works of art. Earlier this year, photographer Fabian Oefner released images of a classic Miura which appeared to be exploding into component parts.

However, this special Aventador S is due to start firmly in one piece for now. The Lamborghini Pavilion at Pebble Beach will see it on display alongside other regular production models.

Lamborghini has also revealed a new roadster version of the Aventador SVJ, limited to just 63 examples. Also on show is the Huracan Evo GT Celebration, which pays homage to the endurance racing success of the brand.

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