Confused driver

Lady steals car for two weeks after mistaking it for a rental

Confused driver

What’s the daftest motoring-related thing you’ve ever done? Driven away with a coffee cup on the roof? Listened to Steve Wright in the afternoon in the car? Purchased a new Mitsubishi Mirage? All extremely daft, but have you ever driven off in the wrong car?

That’s precisely what a lady in Ontario did after she accidentally stole a car having mistaken it for a rental car. There’s more, because she drove it around… for two weeks. She only found out when she attempted to return the car to the rental company.

The lady rented a black Nissan Sentra from Enterprise in June, before driving a few minutes to the local Walmart to pick up some groceries. So far, so good. But when she emerged from the supermarket, seemingly unfamiliar with her rented wheels, the lady hopped in an Infiniti QX50 and proceeded to drive away.

2016 Infiniti QX50

Not a Nissan Sentra

While this provides fuel for the fire for those who claim all new cars look the same, you have to question how this could happen. After all, don’t you need a key to drive a car? Well, it turns out the owner of the Infiniti had left the key fob in the vehicle, making it an easy target for an absent-minded rental customer.

This left the lady free to drive away in her ‘stolen’ Infiniti, leaving a rental Nissan in a Walmart car park and an elderly gentleman without his wheels. Needless to say, the Infiniti owner contacted the police, while the lady cruised the streets of Ontario in her posh crossover, not the mid-size saloon she had returned.

14 days and confused

We’ll let Canada’s Cornwall County Police Service pick up the story. According to its Facebook page, the lady attempted to return the Infiniti to Enterprise but complained to the manager about the state of the interior and a set of golf clubs in the boot. The report is best read in the style of Sniff Petrol’s D.I. Blundell.

“The woman was not impressed and handed over the keys. The manager, now slightly confused, observed the keys to belong to an Infiniti, a vehicle the woman did not rent. The manager observed the vehicle and asked the woman where she got it. The woman told him it was the vehicle she had rented.

“The manager informed her otherwise and then proceeded to ask her where she went after leaving the car rental two weeks ago. The woman informed him of her activities. The manager asked the woman to attend Walmart with him in order to have her point out where she had parked.

2018 Nissan Sentra

Not an Infiniti QX50

“Upon arrival, the woman directed him to the area where she parked and there sat the black Nissan Sentra. The manager and the woman, who was now confused and a wee bit embarrassed herself, returned to the car rental company and contacted police, providing the information for the Infiniti and what took place. The Infiniti came back as stolen on police systems as reported in June and CCPS attended to take the information of what took place.”

We understand the lady won’t face any charges, while the elderly gentleman “had a good chuckle”, before, we suspect, heading off for a round of golf.

The message from Cornwall Community Police: “Please do not leave your key fobs in your vehicle when not being operated, you never know who might take it.” Mitsubishi Mirage owners, that means you, too. However tempting it might be to leave the keys in the car.

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