Lada no longer number one in Russia

Lada no longer number one in Russia

Lada no longer number one in Russia

The Kia Rio has outsold the Lada Granta in Russia, making it the first month since 1970 that Lada hasn’t held the number one spot for sales in its home market.

Automotive News Europe reports that Kia sold 10,834 Rio models in November, while Lada sold 10,520 of its Granta.

But AvtoVAZ, the company which owns Lada, says this is down to supplier issues, rather than a lack of demand.

A spokesman told Automotive News: “In November we had some problems with several suppliers. We had to stop the production on the Granta/Kalina line for a couple of days. Less production means fewer sales, logically.”

He added that the supplier problems have now been resolved.

The issues won’t have affected Lada’s total 2014 sales too badly – as the company had sold 351,992 cars in Russia by the end of November, compared to Kia’s 175,491.

While the Rio may have outsold the Granta in November, Lada is still looking strong to take the honours for the most successful mark in Russia last year.

According to the Association of European Businesses, Lada sold 139,405 examples of its Granta by the end of November, putting it firmly ahead of the second-place Hyundai Solaris (which sold 105,142). 84,350 models of the third-place Kia Rio were sold.