What does the Labour manifesto mean for motorists?

What does the Labour manifesto mean for motorists?

Labour has pledged to upgrade highways, strive for zero road deaths and axe the Severn Bridge toll as part of its 2017 manifesto, published today.

“We will continue to upgrade our highways and improve roadworks at known bottlenecks,” reads the party’s manifesto. “The A1 North, the Severn Bridge and the A30 provide essential connections and require our urgent consideration.”

It adds that Labour pledges to work with the Welsh Government to scrap tolls on the bridge, which carries the M48 motorway across the Severn from Gloucestershire to Monmouthshire.

Currently a toll of £6.70 applies to cars crossing the bridge from England to Wales, while HGV drivers pay £20. It’s free to travel in the opposite direction.

The Conservatives are yet to announce their manifesto, but prime minister Theresa May has previously pledged to scrap the Severn Bridge toll for the 25 million users who cross from England to Wales every year.

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She said: “I want to ensure that our economic progress is shared across the United Kingdom. By abolishing tolls for 25 million annual journeys between two nations we will strengthen the links between communities.

“This will drive economic growth right across the country helping key economic centres in Cardiff, Bath, Bristol and Newport.

“By significantly reducing the cost of doing business between Wales and England, the Conservatives continue to deliver on improving the economic prospects of ordinary working people.”

Labour had a dig at the Tories over road standards in its manifesto, saying: “After seven years of stalled progress, Labour will reset the UK’s road safety vision and ambitiously strive for a transport network with zero deaths, reintroducing road-safety targets, setting out bold measures that will continuously improve safety standards.”

The centre-left party has also said it would upgrade the UK’s national cycle network and upgrade the most polluting buses to meet Euro 6 standards.

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